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Over 50 Years of Assembly Automation Success, and Counting!

Contract manufacturers and OEMs trust Haumiller to deliver high-speed automated assembly machines for high-volume disposable products. We provide custom machinery for a range of industries, including manufacturers of medical devices, consumer products, food/beverage, electrical connectors and specialized aerosol equipment.

These companies come to us for assembly machinery that is designed, built and tested to meet their specific needs for speed, quality, tolerance, inspection and other parameters. It must be on time, and it has to perform to the highest standards – or time and money will be lost.

That’s no small task, but it’s what we thrive on. Since the day we were founded in 1963 by Cliff Haumiller, we have produced the most efficient and reliable automation equipment on the market, helping industry leaders stay at top productivity to meet their toughest market challenges.

Today, we operate out of a state-of-the-art facility with world-class capabilities that most competitors only aspire to. We’re proud to put the Haumiller brand on your equipment, because we’re quite clear what we stand for:

  • Personal Attention. We have been 100% employee-owned since 1986. Our culture of ownership means stability for our company and the dedication and unique focus of our employees. There is no doubt, our employees are the reason for our success. We invest in our employees, which allows us to produce better equipment for our customers. Above all, we emphasize open communication with both employees and customers to ensure potential issues are proactively addressed and resolved.
  • Quality. Haumiller is ISO 9001-2015 certified, meaning we consistently build quality into everything we do. We particularly focus on risk management, as evidenced by our meticulous approach to design, documentation and testing of your assembly equipment. We take a long-term perspective, designing and building automation machinery that will perform for as long as you need and providing the quality of product and service that builds long term relationships.
  • Reliability. Haumiller equipment has a reputation – for ease of operation, ease of maintenance and ease of changeovers. Our machines can be run by varying levels of skill in your
    labor force. Our exceptional documentation for all machine parts mean you don’t have to pull machines out of production for any significant time to maintain them. And changeovers are fast, with no sensitive adjustments or fine tuning needed, ensuring you can ramp back up to full production quickly.
  • High Yields. Our equipment produces exceptionally high yields, however you measure it. This means our machines fill more boxes for you!
  • Delivery. Our delivery record is second to none. We make sure you can get to market when you need to.

Interested in learning more about the services we provide? Contact us today and talk to a Haumiller representative!