Our Story

With close to 60 years in business, Haumiller has built over 2100 custom assembly, aerosol tipping, and capping machines for a variety of customers in various industries. We thrive on a challenge, and are experts at engineering, building, and testing machines that are state of the art, efficient, and with very high output. We are 100% employee owned and our employees have a commitment to ensure success on your project.

Choosing an Automated Assembly Partner

Keys to Success with an Automated High Speed Assembly System:  
Due diligence is crucial before making any capital investment. That’s especially true with complex high speed assembly systems.


Honesty, integrity, excellence, customer service, and creating a competitive advantage for our customers.

Our dedicated machine testing department ensures that we only deliver systems that are fully tested, qualified, and production ready at the highest possible OEE.


We go to great lengths to protect and maintain the confidentiality of our customers. Unlike most of our competitors, you won’t find our customer’s names on our website. Every Haumiller employee is trained on this and take it very seriously.


Our culture of teamwork and employee ownership has created a remarkable pool of experience. We have well of over 1000 years of machine building experience residing in our employee base. We feel there is no automation problem we can’t solve when we put our efforts and minds together.


We treat our Customers, Employees, and Vendors with honesty, integrity, and fairness, always keeping long term goals of all stakeholders at the forefront. We give back to the community and create good jobs and meaningful, challenging work.

Global Presence

We have installations all over the world and continue to increase our global footprint. We travel the world to support and service our equipment.

Product Marketer

Haumiller equipment is our most dependable equipment in house!

Product Marketer

Haumiller Customer

Haumiller has a talented engineering staff that keeps up with the newest advances in technology.

Haumiller Customer

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