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How Continuous Motion Systems Maximize Productivity

Output doesn’t get any faster than with a continuous motion system. But speed isn’t the only benefit of continuous motion technology.

It’s about optimizing the process for the most consistent, highest quality performance. In continuous motion, multiple processes occur without interruption for every cycle, effectively overlapping. And because the tooling never loses contact with the individual components, part alignment is maintained during assembly.

The result is smoother processes that are much less likely to damage either your components or the machinery itself.

The benefits to your assembly include:

  • Significantly lower maintenance costs than indexing systems.
  • Multiple, longer processes (some up to 3-4 seconds) automated on one machine—cycling at 400 cpm or higher.
  • More “up time” in production, resulting in higher net yields.
  • Customized machine design with smaller footprint (sometimes by factors of 10 or more compared to other technologies).
  • Quieter, smoother running machine

Your company can maximize these benefits by designing new products with continuous motion assembly in mind. Contact Haumiller today, and let’s get started.