Haumiller is the industry standard for spray tip applicators, cappers and valve placers. Our customers include most – if not all – of the world’s largest and most demanding aerosol manufacturers and marketers. Throughout our 50 years of experience, we’ve made change parts for over 1,000 caps and tips. Over 600 Haumiller aerosol machines are in operation – including some of our earliest designs, still in the field and working today!


Spray Tip Applicators:

We excel in feeding, tracking and applying spray tips, and our proven technology minimizes spray during application. On-machine feeder bowls are available to save space and money, as is can-to-actuator orientation.


Our machines are specifically designed to run today’s overcap designs. With the need to reduce plastic and therefore wall thicknesses, the caps are often misshapen; our collet design straightens and stabilizes these caps for proper assembly. Our collet designs also provide for effective assembly of all spray-though caps. Can-to-cap orientation is available. This machine is also a great option for liquid filling lines requiring snap-cap applications.

Valve Placers:

Our machines run all valve and tubing types, including bag on valve. Tubes are positively straitened prior to insertion. In addition, we provide proven feeder systems that are capable of speeds up to 400 units/minute. Valve placers can also be mono bloc or integrated to fillers or crimper/gassers.

Machine Training and Service:

The price of your aerosol machine includes training sessions at Haumiller performed with your machine or change parts and tailored to your specific needs. Training in your facility is also available. Critical spare parts are in stock and in your hands fast.

Tube Taper:

Highly efficient with low downtime, our high speed tube taper runs in a large variety of diameters and lengths and is proven, durable, and serves as a low maintenance tipper that is used as a tube taper base. Also includes a fully integrated safety enclosure. Our quality Haumiller service and support is available as well to ensure satisfaction for years to come.


We’ve worked hard to earn an unblemished reputation for providing aerosol manufacturers with the industry’s best available throughput, safety, service and quick-change tooling.

  • Capabilities:

    Our equipment can handle any tip, cap and valve that comes our way. The only product we haven’t made is the one that hasn’t been designed yet – and we can help with that, too!

  • Efficiency:

    Our machines handle your assembly tasks with the highest possible efficiency, contributing positively to your overall productivity and bottom line.

  • Ease of Changeovers:

    All of our machines are designed to incorporate quick changeover. In addition, all change parts are fully tested on machines that are identical to those on your floor. This will assure it is ready for production when it arrives and not only quick changeover, but also positive changeover that does not require significant “fine tuning.”

  • Effective Use of Floor Space

    We can make sure the footprint of our aerosol machinery meets your space priorities and fits perfectly into your production line.


Haumiller aerosol equipment can apply virtually any aerosol spray tip, cap, or valve. Our machines assemble the aerosol valves and actuators that are used in a wide range of products:

  • Personal Care Products:

    Sunscreen, hair styling products, shave cream, first aid sprays, deodorants

  • Household Products:

    Bath and kitchen cleaning products, air fresheners, furniture polishes, light oil and powder lubricants, oven cleaner, glass cleaner, paint, carpet cleaners

  • Lawn and Garden:

    Hornet and wasp sprays, bug killers, weed killers

  • Food and Beverage Products:

    Cake icing, whipped cream, spray cheese, cooking spray

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Make the Most of Your Haumiller Machine with Training, Consultation and Other Support

The more closely you work with the Haumiller team, the better the results. From the beginning of your relationship with us, you’ll experience a steadfast commitment to understanding and meeting your exact needs.

You know your needs, your budget and the unique challenges you face. When you work with us, you gain a trusted partner in your success every step of the way.

Training and Consultation
To increase your competitive advantage, Haumiller offers training and consultation tailored to meet your specific needs and budgets. We apply our automation expertise, experience and innovation to:

  • Increase throughput
  • Lower total production costs
  • Compress time to market
  • Reduce down time
  • Enhance flexibility