Manufacturers Can Save Money on Faster, More Efficient Automated Aerosol Assembly Technology. 

Elgin, IL It’s now more affordable than ever for manufacturers to replace aging automated aerosol assembly equipment with a faster, safer, more efficient new system from Haumiller Engineering. For a limited time, Haumiller is offering a special trade in allowance on its LASTA aerosol tipper machines, which were produced from 1963 to 1983. Customers can apply the trade-in value toward the purchase of any new machine in Haumiller’s standard aerosol line.

Still a workhorse in many plants, the LASTA has proven itself to be a reliable piece of equipment.  However, Haumiller’s new standard machines offer many valuable improvements, including:


Manufacturers can save money on a new‐machine with the trade‐in allowance and save money long term through faster, more efficient performance and reduced maintenance needs.

“Though we’re proud of the LASTAs’durability, we want to give our loyal customers an affordable opportunity to experience the advantages we’ve built into our new machines over 45 years of continuous innovation,” said Russ Holmer, president of Haumiller. “For those thinking about purchasing a used machine or trying to maintain their LASTA, this offer allows an investment in superior performance.”

Existing Change Parts Compatible with New Machines

Understanding that one of the potential roadblocks to purchasing a new machine is the compatibility of old change parts, Haumiller has also developed a plan to allow for most of your change parts investment to be adapted. This will assist in making the trade‐in process as quick and effortless as possible.

Haumiller standard aerosol machines include spray tip applicators, overcappers and valve placers. The trade‐in offer also extends to custom machines including assembly, testing, inspection, tube application and more. Discover how Haumiller can help you find the right replacement machine at‐equipment.html.

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