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At Haumiller, we specialize in producing automation machinery for any industry that manufactures high-volume products. 

There are many reasons that manufacturers and marketers have relied on us for more than 60 years – including our ability to produce effective and efficient machine designs, quick and reliable delivery, strict confidentiality and smooth process integration, just to name a few. But ultimately, nothing is more important to our customers than our time-tested experience. When it comes to industrial automation machinery, we have seen a significant range of challenges, and we can handle almost any automation challenge you may face.

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Medical Devices/Life Sciences

Personal Care

Consumer Goods



Need for absolute piece-part quality.

When it comes to patient-care products, quality is non-negotiable. We prove every day that we deliver on the expectations and requirements your market demands.

Difficult-to-automate parts.

Our customers count on us to handle the odd shapes and tacky surfaces (such as silicone) that often present challenges for medical device assembly. We have seen a wide range of applications, and we can develop the automation solution that’s right for you.

Complex processes that require process/equipment integration.

customers often ask us to design equipment that can integrate seamlessly with their existing equipment on the production floor – and we can handle this challenge.

Equipment efficiency.

Production efficiency is critical in the medical device industry, and we provide the answer.

Interested in learning more about how Haumiller equipment can impact your medical device assembly process? Contact us today and let’s talk!