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Haumiller is the industry leader in custom automation solutions. Over the course of our 50-year history, we have built hundreds of assembly machines for contract manufacturers and OEMs in a wide range of industries. Our customers produce the prestigious brands that set the pace for their industries – meaning they have no margin for error when it comes to delivery, machine performance and final product quality. Thanks to our expertise and insistence on excellence in everything we do, our customers are able to bring their products to market as planned and sustain their competitive advantage.

Aerosol Machinery

Haumiller is the industry standard for spray tip applicators, cappers and valve placers. Our customers include most – if not all – of the world’s largest and most demanding aerosol manufacturers and marketers. Throughout our 50 years of experience, we’ve made change parts for over 1,000 caps and tips. Over 600 Haumiller aerosol machines are in operation – including some of our earliest designs, still in the field and working today!