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High Speed Tube Assembly from Haumiller

Why trust Haumiller for your high speed tube assembly machine? Because right now, more than 70 Haumiller-built machines continue to dispense and apply plastic and synthetic tubing at facilities around the world. Time after time, when success is on the line, Haumiller delivers. Working with a range of tubing materials and sizes, our machines can take tubing from a roll or in precut sections, cut it to length and assemble it as required. Applications include dip tubing for dispensing pumps and aerosol valves, as well as highly flexible tubing cut in longer lengths to be assembled and chemically bonded.

  • Speeds in excess of 600 parts per minute
  • Run lengths from ½ inch up to 13 inches
  • Mechanical and servo driven technology

Whether we’re integrating the latest technology or developing our own unique methods, we guarantee that your requirements for quality and function are met. What are your unique tube assembly challenges? Contact us today, and let’s get started solving them.