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Contract manufacturers and OEMs trust Haumiller to deliver quality automated assembly machines for high-volume disposable products.
Haumiller equipment is production-ready faster, more efficient, reliable, and often exceeds 95% OEE.


Haumiller provides semi-automated and continuous motion assembly solutions that enhance the consistency and reliability of your production process, offering a scalable approach from manual to fully automated systems, thus improving efficiency and quality while reducing human error.

Do you have a product that you are trying to bring to market that may not necessitate a fully automated solution? Haumiller can assist by crafting a semi-automated or continuous motion assembly solution tailored to your needs. With our rich history in designing specialized fixtures and assembly machines, we enhance the consistency of your assembly process and facilitate comprehensive product testing, paving the way for the final solution. This strategic approach enhances product reliability, streamlines production, and reduces the likelihood of human error, setting the stage for a seamless transition to high-speed assembly and advanced automation.

Bench assembly at Haumiller effectively bridges the gap between manual and fully automated processes, providing a versatile and adaptable solution for your manufacturing requirements. Integrating bench assembly stations allows for a scalable approach, accommodating the escalation from semi-automated to fully automated systems as demand for your product increases. Our bench assembly solutions are meticulously engineered for swift and precise assembly tasks, leading to superior quality outputs. This methodology not only boosts production line efficiency but also supports comprehensive quality control and the immediate rectification of any assembly discrepancies, thereby reinforcing the overall reliability and precision of your manufacturing process.

How Can Bench Assembly Benefit Your Operation?

By incorporating assembly workstations or intelligent fixtures, your production facility is enhanced, expediting operations while ensuring precision and error-free assembly. Our bench assembly stations, acting as a form of continuous motion assembly machinery, meticulously monitor operator tasks to ensure the release of only flawlessly assembled components. This integration exemplifies the principles of high-speed continuous motion and automation, optimizing your production capabilities and quality outcomes.

Our Testing Process Simplified

Our testing team isn't trying to make the machine work, it's trying to make the machine fail. We assess the durability of every machine to ensure your machine will last with any operator under any condition.

Phase 1

A series of short tests of every separate function of the machine to find obvious errors while running only the specific parts, and is completed when each function of the machine has run approximately 10 seconds.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a series of tests, operating the machine as a whole interactive system. It is completed when the machine has run approximately 5 consecutive minutes with every function working.

Phase 3

A test of each specified set of parts, with every function working and the machine operating as a complete, interactive system. This phase is considered complete when the machine has run satisfactorily for 30 consecutive minutes unless a different time frame is specified.

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