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Contract manufacturers and OEMs trust Haumiller to deliver quality automated assembly machines for high-volume disposable products.
Haumiller equipment is production-ready faster, more efficient, reliable, and often exceeds 95% OEE.

Tube Taper

Haumiller's assembly tube taper machines revolutionize manufacturing processes by offering precise, efficient, and reliable taping of tubes, enhancing connectivity in critical sectors like aerospace and medical devices with durable, low-maintenance design and comprehensive support.

An assembly tube taper is a specialized machine in manufacturing that shapes the ends of tubes into a tapered form by decreasing their diameter. This modification is essential for various purposes, such as enabling the connection of tubes with differing diameters, enhancing the ease of tube joining, or preparing the tube end for further processing, like attaching connectors or seals.

Revolutionizing Precision

Highly efficient with low downtime, our high speed assembly tube taper runs in a large variety of diameters and lengths and is proven, durable, and serves as a low maintenance tipper that is used as a continuous motion assembly machine base. It also includes a fully integrated safety enclosure. Assembly tube tapers are crucial in sectors like aerospace and medical device manufacturing, where precise and reliable tube connections are essential. These devices guarantee uniform and accurate taping of tubes, aligning with the stringent specifications for their application.

Our quality Haumiller service and support is available as well to ensure satisfaction for years to come, highlighting our commitment to assembly automation and custom automation engineering.

Our Testing Process Simplified

Our testing team isn't trying to make the machine work, it's trying to make the machine fail. We assess the durability of every machine to ensure your machine will last with any operator under any condition.

Phase 1

A series of short tests of every separate function of the machine to find obvious errors while running only the specific parts, and is completed when each function of the machine has run approximately 10 seconds.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a series of tests, operating the machine as a whole interactive system. It is completed when the machine has run approximately 5 consecutive minutes with every function working.

Phase 3

A test of each specified set of parts, with every function working and the machine operating as a complete, interactive system. This phase is considered complete when the machine has run satisfactorily for 30 consecutive minutes unless a different time frame is specified.

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