Automation Solutions

Contract manufacturers and OEMs trust Haumiller to deliver quality automated assembly machines for high-volume disposable products.
Haumiller equipment is production-ready faster, more efficient, reliable, and often exceeds 95% OEE.

Commissioning and Training

Haumiller provides unparalleled support for continuous motion assembly machines through detailed Factory Acceptance Testing, efficient installation, and comprehensive training, ensuring your manufacturing processes run smoothly and efficiently.

Ensuring the continuous operation of your equipment, particularly in continuous motion assembly and high-speed assembly, is vital for your success. Manufacturing settings, especially those requiring assembly machines and automation, can be demanding on machinery. At Haumiller, we understand that technical problems may surface, necessitating skilled service personnel for resolution.

Haumiller excels in conducting comprehensive Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for our continuous motion assembly machines. During FAT, each machine undergoes rigorous testing to validate its performance against the defined specifications. We simulate real-world operating conditions to ensure the machine not only meets but exceeds the expected performance metrics. This process allows us to identify and rectify any issues before the machine is installed at your facility, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient startup. Our FAT approach emphasizes not just the functionality, but also the reliability and efficiency of the machine, ensuring it delivers consistent and high-quality performance in your manufacturing processes.

Seamless Assembly Excellence

Haumiller can perform the installation and start-up of your continuous motion assembly machine. Our experienced technicians, who have worked on your custom automation system through the testing and debugging phases while at Haumiller, know your assembly automation system well and can get it up and running quickly.

Training on high-speed continuous motion and assembly automation can be performed at varying levels depending on your specific needs. We offer training during Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) at Haumiller, and post-installation at your facility. While we believe the best training is hands-on at the machine, demonstrating high-speed assembly and continuous motion assembly capabilities, we also offer classroom training for your operators and mechanics, encompassing a comprehensive approach to engineering and custom automation.

Our Testing Process Simplified

Our testing team isn't trying to make the machine work, it's trying to make the machine fail. We assess the durability of every machine to ensure your machine will last with any operator under any condition.

Phase 1

A series of short tests of every separate function of the machine to find obvious errors while running only the specific parts, and is completed when each function of the machine has run approximately 10 seconds.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is a series of tests, operating the machine as a whole interactive system. It is completed when the machine has run approximately 5 consecutive minutes with every function working.

Phase 3

A test of each specified set of parts, with every function working and the machine operating as a complete, interactive system. This phase is considered complete when the machine has run satisfactorily for 30 consecutive minutes unless a different time frame is specified.

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